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GS1HIGHWAY LIBERTY is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that seeks to promote universally recognized human rights principles, primarily in the former Soviet republics. Our work consists of gathering information about human rights abuses and encouraging grassroots activism by informing, supporting and consolidating citizens, educators, NGOs and public authorities. Our goal is to encourage public understanding and acceptance of the principles found in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by every member of society. Furthermore, HIGHWAY LIBERTY is focused on providing individual relief and assistance for victims of human rights violations.

Decades after the collapse of the Soviet Union human rights abuses are still widespread across the former Soviet states. With few exceptions, human rights are being violated throughout the region while civil activists are being intimidated and harassed by government authorities, anti-government demonstrations frequently banned, any attempts at civil disobedience brutally curtailed with their organizers detained. The situation is deteriorating at an alarming pace with government corruption and repression on the increase. The principles of free and fair elections, freedom of speech and conscience are routinely infringed upon by the state. A number of post-Soviet countries have effectively turned into hereditary authoritarian dictatorships (Azerbaijan, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan).
The basic human rights of the most vulnerable members of society like children, the handicapped, are being neglected while sexual minorities are being targeted for discrimination and treated shamefully throughout the region. We are dedicated in our mission to end discrimination on the grounds of gender, skin color and sexual orientation and we strive to alleviate human suffering and provide assistance to the victims of hatred and bigotry.


We in Highway Liberty believe that a strong government should exist primarily for the protection of natural human rights. These rights are universal and inalienable and they guarantee that each individual is free from arbitrary persecution and abuse by the state. Any government that disregards individual rights and regularly uses its powers to violate them is therefore illegitimate.
Unfortunately, the mantle of human rights is routinely hijacked by career politicians, demagogues, and tyrannical governments for their own purposes. Therefore, we strive towards working with local communities at a grassroots level and empowering the individual.
Today many people remain ignorant of natural human rights according to multiple surveys and succumb easily to propaganda. Therefore, it is our duty is to spread awareness and understanding of human rights so that people could use this knowledge to try and improve their own lives or seek redress if their rights are violated.

Natural Human Rights
We at Highway Liberty accept the principles of natural human rights as expressed in international law and the UN Universal Declaration. We believe that the following are the fundamentals of human rights:
– The right to life
– Freedom of speech and conscience
– Freedom of assembly
– Freedom of movement
– The right to fair trial and equal treatment under the law
Disregard of these rights makes all other freedoms meaningless. Even authoritarian regimes pay at least lip service to official declarations of these rights and freedoms by officially recognizing them. However, these regimes use their legislature to deny these rights and freedoms to whole groups of people. These groups include sexual, ethnic and religious minorities.


HIGHWAY LIBERTY is a FULLY INDEPENDENT NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION. We are not funded through federal or provincial budget. We raise funds through private donations, crowdfunding or charities.

We engage with individuals and organizations the world over. Anyone who is willing to contribute to the advancement of the sensible take on human rights can become a member of HIGHWAY LIBERTY.


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