Ukraine sees LGBT Equality March, most successful of its kind country history

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On June 12 Kyiv hosted Pride 2016. No serious incident is reported to have occurred during the March, however, the police had to detain around 50 protesters attempting to voice their intolerance of the Pride in an overly aggressive manner.

All along the way, i. e. about 750 meters, the marchers were guarded by the police and officers of the National Guard who formed a live cordon around the marchers – and for good reason. Several attempts were made to stop the march by blocking the road in front of the column. The police were fully prepared to counter any provocation and, if need be, to detain anyone disposed to disrupt the march without much ado.

The march over, all the participants were taken to safety on several buses.
According to the parade participants, security measures were unprecedented this time. The 750 meters they regard as a small victory on the long way towards gaining full equality.
The reason Ukrainian LGBT chose to call their Kyiv parade ‘Equality March’ is, its objective was to prove to the Ukrainian society that everyone, whatever their skin colour or sexual orientation. Still, as the latest pride parade demonstrates, Ukrainians are far from fully recognizing sexual minorities.


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