Russia vs. Refugees

Russian authorities are unwilling to assist Syrian refugees, Russian civil rights activists say. Although officially an open-border country for refugees, Russia is in no haste to help Syrian refugees to settle and assimilate.
Although, according to the Directorate of the Federal Migration Service, over 2000 Syrians applied for a refugee status in Russia in 2011 – 2015, the whole procedure have so far resulted in just one positive decision. Besides the refugee status as such, the Russian government offers one-time temporary asylum that expires after one year in the country. The latter status has been granted to three thousand out of 4,462 Syrians.
Since early March 2016, after Syrian moderate opposition and Assad signed a truce agreement, Russian bureaucrats have recommended that refugees should be sent back to Syria, women and children not excluded. Syrians have been routinely refused asylum citing ‘safety’ that has reigned in the country ever since the signing of the truce. (Source: RBK )


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