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Not-for-profit human rights organization

Highway Liberty, a not-for-profit organization based in GTA focusing on monitoring and reporting human rights violations (especially with regard to LGBTQ in the former Soviet states), humanitarian relief to victims of human rights infractions, psychological and societal rehabilitation.

Highway Liberty offers the hand of cooperation to sister organizations worldwide to help each other to stand out against human rights infringement wherever they take place. Today we team up with the Russia-based human rights project Children-404 (see overleaf) that helps LGBT-teenagers who have become victims of homophobic violence in Russia, inspired and condoned by recent government initiatives hypocritically passed off as protection of the younger generation against the ‘psychological ravages’ of ‘homosexual propaganda’.

The Project’s Facebook pages (entitled “Children-404”) publishes letters from Russian LGBT teenagers in which they talk about the problems they face in their lives due to homophobia that surrounds them – friends, relatives, classmates, teachers, and others. The Project’s page also publishes letters from adults with words of support for Russian LGBT adolescents.

The number “404” in the project title refers to the internet error message “Error 404 – Page not found“. The project authors draw attention to the fact that in the Russian society not many people consider the existence of gay and transgender children and the challenges they face in an LGBT-intolerant environment.

The Project description states:

Our society believes that gay teenagers do not exist in nature, as if gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people arrive from Mars as adults. Meanwhile, one family in twenty has an LGBT-child in it, and those children are society’s invisible “Children-404”.



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