Our ambition is to drive home the idea that human rights apply to every human

HIGHWAY LIBERTY is focused on monitoring human rights issues across the world. Nevertheless, our attention is currently focused on the former Soviet Union. The region has had almost no experience with liberal democratic norms throughout its history and the situation is deteriorating in many countries across the Eurasian landmass.

Authoritarian governments in those countries do not recognize the right of individuals or organizations right to express viewpoints that are out of line with those sanctioned by the state. Furthermore, authorities in those countries are still perpetuating discrimination by pandering to superstition and hate that are present in the most reactionary strata of society.

We try to bring all the necessary intellectual, scholarly, political, civic and financial leverage to bear on the situation and to effect change to achieve equality before the law and peaceful coexistence in the developing democracies. The worrisome developments in the region increasingly put human rights on the line. Our ambition is to drive home the idea that human rights apply to every individual so that discrimination on the grounds of gender, age, skin colour or sexual orientation may be abandoned in equal measure by legislators and law enforcement.


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