Migrant & Refugee Support


Highway Liberty is dedicated to supporting the LGBT members from the former Soviet Union seeking refuge in Canada, US and EU.


Refugees are welcome to stop by our offices and receive all necessary information there is to help them settle in Canada.

We offer orientation sessions with regards to education opportunities for refugees and immigrants from the former Soviet Union.
Our help is there to enhance a newcomer’s immigration experience in Canada and to alleviate any difficulties associated with moving to a new country.

We offer career counseling for refugees who are unemployed or seeking employment. Our assistance could include helping the newcomers draft cover letters, resumes, and preparing them for job interviews.

We want to make sure that every refugee has access to and information about:

  • English language classes
  • Academic preparation
  • Affordable housing
  • Health care
  • Legal advice
  • Government social assistance programs
  • Student enrolment and financial assistance
  • Confidential counselling sessions
  • Food bank


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